A comprehensive program is a professional development program comprising several modules; with each module including a webinar and assignments,or a reflection, to be completed by participants.

In 2021, TLN will be offering 3 programs designed to deepen your learning on specific topics. Comprehensive programs create a stronger and deeper learning experience than a single conference or webinar exposure.

Each comprehensive program is divided into workshops. Each workshop will include a live webinar, learning task/s and access to a discussion forum. The modules are scaffolded throughout the program to continue to build knowledge and skills on the published topics. The comprehensive programs contributes to VIT PD requirements for ongoing registration and a certificate of completion will be issued for each completed module. 

The 3 courses outlined are delivered independently, so you can enrol in one, two, three or all of the courses, tailoring your professional development needs to your interests and professional requirements. Participants who register for these programs are expected to commit to the various elements of the course and submit all required learning tasks. 

The comprehensive programs, like all other professional development programs on this website are COMPLETELY FREE to all Victorian Casual Relief Teachers.