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CRT2211Strategies to assist EAL/D students in your classroom
Students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) may experience challenges in their learning. Teachers who are equipped with resources and strategies to support EAL/D students can assist these students to overcome barriers to their learning. The evidence shows that teaching practices that support EAL/D students also enhance the learning of mainstream students.  This session will explore successful teaching activities that have worked with students in the middle... Details
When: March 9, 2022
CRT2212 Understanding dyslexia
Dyslexia is among the most common learning disorders in school classrooms. It is important that all teachers understand identifying factors for dyslexia. It is equally important that every teacher has strategies that they can apply to support the learning of students with dyslexia.

When: March 23, 2022
CRT2217 Managing a hybrid classroom in a primary setting
Classroom teaching may require a blend of in person and online teaching. This is one of the outcomes of the COVID pandemic. In this session the presenter will share their successes and challenges in managing a hybrid primary classroom. The focus will be on teaching pedagogies and activities not on the online technology.

When: April 11, 2022
CRT2246 Understanding the Victorian Classroom
The aim is to give you the recources for that returning or entereing for the first time, the Victorian classroom.  This program will offer brief overviews of the VTLM, including the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO), the vision for learning, the practice principles, the pedagogical model and the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS). It will also cover the basics of the VEYLDF and Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (ABLES), a resource for those working in... Details
When: April 11, 2022
CRT2224 Online learning platforms - Zoom, Teams and Webex
All teachers have had to build their skills in the use of online learning platforms; it is a new requirement to be a successful teacher in the contemporary classroom. In this session the presenter will outline the basics of the three main online learning platforms used in schools across Victoria – Zoom, Webex and Teams. The focus is on the basics of the technology e.g. how to share your screen in each platform, using cameras and microphones, locating and using chat functions and the... Details
When: April 11, 2022
CRT2219 Approaches to small group work and tutoring
One to one and small group tutoring can support students who have learning difficulties and those who have, or are falling behind the expected achievement rates. The small group setting allows for more focused assessment of where the student is at, increased opportunities for teacher to student feedback and student to teacher feedback and sustained engagement in learning activities. One to one and small group tutoring requires a different skill set than whole class teaching. In this... Details
When: April 11, 2022
CRT2244 VIT Code of Conduct and Ethics - implications for CR
This course explores The Victorian Teaching Profession Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, and how it applies to CRTs. Themes explored will be best practice regarding professional conduct, personal conduct and professional competence

When: April 11, 2022