Structuring a lesson to maintain engagement

Lesson structure

Engaging students in their learning is a challenge at the best of times. Maximising the potential for engagement needs to be a consideration during the planning stage of lesson delivery. In this 60-minute webinar designed for Casual Relief Teachers, we will present essential strategies for structuring lessons that maintain student engagement and increase comprehensive understanding. Explore techniques to captivate diverse learners, employ interactive activities, and utilise technology effectively. Discover methods to foster active participation and gauge comprehension throughout the lesson. Enhance your teaching toolkit with practical tips to create dynamic, impactful learning experiences. Join us to empower your teaching practice and help students feel inspired and informed.

Standards addressed:

  • 4.1.2 Support participation of learners

Course Length: 1 hour

Presenter: Coby Beatson


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12/06/2024 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Online Meeting in Zoom
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