CRTC2203 Student engagement in the digital classroom

Digital classrooms have arrived; whether it is COVID induced remote or hybrid learning, or the ongoing progression toward increased technology in the classroom. As teachers we need to develop confidence and skill in managing the digital classroom. In this session the presenter will focus on student engagement. He will explore strategies that all teachers can use to promote student interaction in the learning process. The course takes you beyond the mechanics of the digital classroom and focuses on the new possibilities provided by the technology.  The digital classroom can offer increased student participation, increased student voice, and a democratic approach to managing the classroom environment. The techniques involved in student engagement in the digital classroom can be implemented by CRTs on short term placements but are also valuable for those seeking longer term roles in schools.



A comprehensive program is a professional development program comprising several modules; with each module including a webinar and assignments,or a reflection, to be completed by participants and discussed at the next session.

20/07/2022 - 17/08/2022
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