CRTM2328 Hit #8 Teacher and Student Feedback

Assessment and Feedback

Feedback is critical to the teaching and learning process. It is recognised in the DET High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS). There are two essential feedback channels, from teacher to student and from student to teacher. In this session both feedback channels will be considered but greater emphasis will be given to student to teacher feedback. This is a growing area for education research leading to change in teaching practice. When students give teachers feedback they are telling teachers how they are going in their learning, what progress they are making, and whether they know where to go next. A CRT who is able to read and respond to student feedback effectively will be a valuable contributor to student learning and will be valued by schools.

Standards addressed:

  • 5.2.2 Provide feedback to learners about their learning
  • 5.3.2 Make consistent and comparable judgements

Course Length: 1.5 hours

Presenter: Coby Beatson

31/05/2023 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Online Meeting in Zoom
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