AEU/IEU Early Career Teachers' Conference

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AEU/IEU Early Career Teachers' Conference: Developing your Skills

The early part of your career is the perfect time to plan the next stage of your professional learning. What is most important to you and your students? How can you be sure you are working toward the goal of becoming the best teacher you can be? How do you develop your teaching knowledge and teaching skills in the context of a demanding teaching day? At this conference guidance and support will be available from experienced teachers to support your ongoing development.

This conference will support you to reach your professional development goals and will provide direction for ongoing professional learning. Keynotes and workshops will be delivered by some of Victoria’s leading educators and classroom practitioners. The conference includes time for interaction with peers and building your professional network.

Teachers at the start of their career in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary sectors are encouraged to attend.


The conference comprises a keynote, two workshop choices and a plenary session. Time to reflect on your learning and form professional networks will be available during workshops, breaks, and as part of the informal gathering at the end of the day.
              8.45 Welcome
   9.00 Keynote
Growing your Skills: one eye on constant improvement
   11.00 Morning Tea
   11.30 Workshop 1 (choose from)
  • Supporting Independent Learning
  • Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum
  • Managing Complex and Challenging Behaviours
  • Integrating Sustainability
  • Values, Vision and Leadership
  • Delivering Improved Student Outcomes
   12.30   Workshop 2 (choose from)
  • Supporting Independent Learning
  • Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum
  • Managing Complex and Challenging Behaviours
  • Teacher Registration
  • Values, Vision and Leadership
  • Delivering Improved Student Outcomes

   1.30  Lunch
   2.00  Being part of a positive workplace
    2.30  Plenary Session
Technology in Education - Tech that empowers your teaching and your students

    3.30    Delegate networking and refreshments

Session Descriptions

Keynote: Growing your Skills: one eye on constant improvement
Adrian Bertolini
Teaching requires a deliberate and carefully planned approach to developing skills and knowledge over an entire teaching career. It requires a commitment to ongoing professional learning and constant feedback about improvement. The most effective teachers, the teachers who get the best student learning outcomes, are those who have a deliberate plan for developing their skills and knowledge. Adrian presents a clear view that simply working harder isn't always working better. He will explore methods that teachers can use to develop their skills and knowledge and better meet the needs of students.

Workshop: Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum

Jane Hancock

Being an effective teacher for students on the Autism Spectrum means understanding the unique way they think about the world. In this workshop, participants will  look at the world of an autistic student and be encouraged to develop ways that they can adjust their classroom practice to better support the inclusion of these students.

Workshop: Supporting Independent Learning

Tanya Whiteside

Explicitly teaching student independence helps support students to become lifelong learners. In a classroom that encourages independent learning teachers are able to focus on the core work of teaching and less time on student management. This workshop will share practical classroom techniques that build student independence and thinking skills.

Managing Complex and Challenging Behviours

Carmela Petterlin and Susan Mance

Learning outcomes are improved when teachers succeed in creating a calm learning environment. This requires teachers to have a variety of strategies for managing challenging student behaviours so as to minimise interruptions to student learning time. The workshop will include approaches to student engagement, de-escalation of conflict situations and strategies for developing calm learning environments.

Workshop: Integrating Sustainability

Kirsty Costa, Cool Australia

Sustainability is a major focus of the Australian Curriculum. Kirsty Costa from Cool Australia will share free resources and lesson plans that have been developed to support you in integrating sustainability into the classroom.

Workshop: Teacher Registration

VIT Staff

Establishing and maintaining your teacher registration is an important part of the work of an early career teacher. This workshop, featuring a Q&A with VIT staff will provide you with an opportunity to have your questions answered.

Workshop: Delivering Improved Student Outcomes

Lori Pereira

The research in education is dominated by ’learning intentions’, ‘success criteria’, ‘formative assessment’ and ‘differentiated instruction’. Lori Pereira knows the research well and in this workshop, she will provide practical classroom examples of how you can implement each of these approaches and increase your effectiveness as a classroom teacher and improve student learning outcomes.

Workshop: Values, Vision and Leadership

Adrian Bertolini

In this workshop participants will be taken through the process of identifying and articulating their personal values and vision. It will also explore how values and vision link to emotional and social intelligence and leadership within a school

Keynote: Technology in Education - Tech that empowers your teaching and your students

Neil Selwin

Effective use of technology in the classroom is important for teaching 21st century skills and can increase student engagement. Technology can also be helpful in automating administration tasks and reducing teacher workload. However, technology can create environments where data gathering and analysis is over-emphasised and it has the potential for interrupting teacher professional autonomy. In this session, participants will be challenged to consider how they respond to the growing opportunities and challenges presented by the implementation of technology in education.

Standards covered

A 7 hour certificate of participation will be issued for all participants with the following professional standards listed:

3 - Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

3.1 Establish challenging learning goals
3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
3.3 Use teaching strategies
3.4 Select and use resources
3.5 Use effective classroom communication
3.6 Evaluate and improve teaching programs

4 - Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

4.1 Support student participation
4.2 Manage classroom activities
4.3 Manage challenging behaviour
4.4 Maintain student safety
4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically


AEU/IEU Members - $150
AEU/IEU CRT Members - $100
Non AEU/IEU members - $350


The TLN is supported by the AEU Victoria Branch and the IEU Victoria Tasmania Branch 










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